Introducing our Pandemic Heroes!

We are glad to introduce our pandemic Heroes!

During the biggest crisis of the century, not only for our country but for the whole world, Arriva employees never ceased to put an incredible effort and dedication in doing what they are capable to do at the very best: provide a safe and secure public transport service to everyone.

And nevertheless, not without great sacrifices and efforts of course, this goal has been achieved despite all the risks the situation posed.

We cannot let these sacrifices and actions be forgotten in any way; we want to celebrate the amazing results obtained during these difficult months and reward our Pandemic Heroes the way they deserve!

Now it’s time to meet our heroes:

Massimo Paschi, Gaspare Bentivegna, Pierluigi Ferretti, Massimiliano Stobbia, Gianluca Lamera

They are the heroes of our operations rooms in Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona, the three worst hit cities in Italy by Covid-19.

Despite the incredibly difficult situation the cities were undergoing due to the pandemic, the team never stopped to work to satisfy the needs both of our passengers and institutions.

“I want to say a big thank you and dedicate this prize to my colleagues in Cremona and also to the drivers, who continued to work despite the difficulties and risks” said Massimo Paschi.

“I want to say thank you to Arriva Group for this very generous prize, after a very difficult time. I dedicate this award to my colleagues in Brescia and everyone who suffered losses during the pandemic” added Gaspare Bentivegna.

“this prize is a big reward not only for me but for all the team in Bergamo. I also want to dedicate it to all the people who suffered during this pandemic” conclude Massimiliano Stobbia.

Andrea Casiraghi

The pandemic not only forced us at home during the lockdown, but of course had a great impact on our relationships, connections and meetings.

Thus, we rewarded Andrea Casiraghi and the team in Turin for finding a new way to interact and communicate during these difficult times, getting inspiration from a popular television format.

“I shared the idea with my colleagues in Turin, and I’m very happy with the result: we really recreated a moment together, everyone was connected from the kitchen sharing a coffee. During a very difficult time, it was amazing to catch up with colleagues!” said Andrea after the awarding.

Ivan Grumelli

For the fist time in our history we were forced at home due to the pandemic; this difficult situation required an incredible effort from the IT team to grant to all office employees in the company the possibility to work from home.

Arriva Italia IT Manager, Ivan Grumelli, and its team made an experiment such as smart working a fully implemented process that granted a hundred employees a safe and effective way to work from home.

“Thank you! I really feel this award and I want to dedicate it to all my colleagues of the IT team that every day worked very hard” said Ivan during the awarding.