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Mobility Engineer

Published 22.02.2022

Status: Open

Arriva Italia

Profile name: Mobility Engineer

Job description

The resource, included within the Operations Management, the function managing organization, planning and management of the Passenger Service, will support the Operations Manager in the daily planning, programming and definition of the routes of the line.


  • Data analysis of the transport services managed, also by monitoring the operational processes concerning the use of tools useful for the performance of the service or control of the performance and processing of the main KPIs (operational, profitability, etc.) and analysis of deviations from forecast data;
  • Monitoring and optimization of transport services for local people;
  • Supervision of the management of the daily service;
  • Preparation of reports required by the service contract to the Assigning Body;
  • Technical and legal analysis of the main regulatory changes in the sector;
  • Ensure proper coordination with the Customer Care Area for timely feedback to users and the competent bodies in relation to complaints.


Mobility Engineering, Management Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


The resource will work in Turin

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