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Arriva Italia: 2021 revenues up to €153m

The five-year plan foresees investments for the self-financing renewal of the fleet for over 100 million euros. Focus on electric and bio CNG / CNG fuels.

The shareholders meeting of Arriva Italia – italian company controlled by Deutsche Bahn – approved the data for 2021.

Arriva Italia, a company mainly active in road passenger transport, operate services directly in Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and through subsidiary companies in Veneto, Friuli Venezia-Giulia and in the city of Como. The year 2021 closes with positive results, also thanks to the positive impact of government relief funds, although there’s still a large gap with respect to the pre-pandemic economic situation.

Despite this very complex scenario, where profitability is down by about € 14M compared to the pre-Covid situation, the year ended with a net profit of € 12m with revenues growing to €153m. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, there is still a 50% decrease in revenues from scheduled and commercial traffic (€23m in 2021 compared to €48m in 2019), and the increase of fuel costs will have an estimated impact of €11m in 2022.

“2021 was a year strongly marked by the pandemic context and by the extension of the national state of emergency, with significant repercussions on the entire public transport sector. Nevertheless, there are many signs of recovery that give hope for a gradual return to normality and a recovery of pre-pandemic values and volumes. While on one hand the increase in fuel prices is also having a critical impact on the current public transport situation, on the other one it is accelerating what was an already ongoing process: the conversion of fleets from a green perspective. The search for alternative sources is more active than ever and it’s at the center of the interest of Arriva Italia: biomethane, electricity and soon hydrogen are the fuels of the future” – said Angelo Costa, Arriva Italia Managing Director – “Environmental sustainability is a fundamental pillar of the strategy and vision of the Arriva Group which, in order to facilitate the ecological transition of its fleet, has recently established the Zero Emission Institute, a central European hub for knowledge and skills sharing for the implementation of increasingly sustainable solutions for passenger transport “.

During 2021, approximately €22m were invested for the renewal of the fleet (gross of public contributions of approximately €12m), with a strong focus on ecological fueling. The focus of the company is still to invest into sustainability and continuous improvement of the service.

Arriva is planning a gradual upgrade of its fleet with vehicles fueled by Bio CNG and CNG, considered the only low-impact alternatives for extra-urban services. This modernization plan will make the most out of public funds dedicated to the renewal of public transport fleets.
With this in mind, Arriva Italia signed a partnership with Snam4Mobility, subsidiary of SNAM active in sustainable mobility, to launch a sustainable mobility development plan starting from the city of Brescia. The first phase of the collaboration consists in the opening of a CNG (compressed natural gas) refueling station for buses in the Arriva Italia depot in the city. The distribution plant will supply up to 105 vehicles, operating extra-urban transport services in the city of Brescia and its province.

Arriva Italia is investing also in its electric fleet for urban services. In Cremona, the first city where Arriva introduced electric buses for urban transport in November 2019, the purchase of an additional 11 new electric buses is expected by January 2023, thus bringing the electric fleet to a total of 13 vehicles. The project is to reach an urban fleet of electric buses only by 2026, powered by an innovative electrical distribution and infrastructure depot facility built by Enel X.

In Rome, where Arriva Italia since January 2022 operates the transport service for students with reduced mobility, 20 new electric vehicles will be introduced by September 2022, with Enel X as full provider. Further fleet electrification projects have already been launched in the areas where Arriva, through its investee companies, manages urban services.

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