Arriva Italia - Arriva Italia
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Arriva Italia

A leading transport company

Arriva Italia is part of the Arriva Group, one of the leading operators in the mobility sector in Europe.

Arriva has been present in Italy since 2002, where it operates local public transport services mainly in northern Italy, as well as airport connections, rental and granturismo services, and mobility for large events.

Arriva Italia operates local public transport services in the Aosta Valley and in the provinces of Turin, Brescia, Bergamo, Lecco, and Cremona, as well as providing airport connections and transportation services for disabled students and those with reduced mobility in the Rome Capital Municipality.

As a holding company, Arriva Italia owns majority stakes in Arriva Udine and Arriva Veneto and minority stakes in ASF Autolinee and Trieste Trasporti.

Overall, the Arriva Group in Italy operates public transport services for about 90 million bus/km annually, with 2,400 vehicles and 3,500 total employees.

Concern for the environment

Arriva Italia is at the forefront of promoting sustainable mobility, a priority challenge that can no longer be postponed. Sustainable public transport is, in fact, essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. In addition to having, therefore, an environmental impact, it certainly also has a social impact on communities.

What we stand for

It starts with caring passionately about our colleagues, customers, clients and our planet. It’s about doing the right thing every day by putting safety first, embracing diversity and treating people with respect, and it’s about finding opportunities to make the difference in everything we do by innovating and thinking beyond today for a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

Our history

Acquisizione SAB

Arriva acquisisce il Gruppo SAB e rileva quote di minoranza di KM e Trieste Trasporti

Ingresso in SAF

Arriva acquisisce il 49% di SAF

Ingresso SADEM

Arriva acquisisce l’80% di SADEM e aumenta al 60% la partecipazione in SAF

ASF Como

Tramite la partecipata Omnibus, Arriva – insieme alle Ferrovie Nord – acquisisce il 49% di ASF Como

100% SADEM

Arriva acquisisce l’intero capitale sociale di SADEM

Arriva Italia

Nasce Arriva Italia, holding italiana del gruppo


Nasce Arriva Italia Rail

Expo 2015

Arriva è “people mobility partner” di Expo 2015

100% KM

Arriva acquisisce l’intero capitale sociale di KM

100% SAVDA

Arriva acquisisce il 100% di SAVDA

Arriva Veneto

Nasce Arriva Veneto, che opera servizi di trasporto passeggeri tra Chioggia, Venezia e l’aeroporto Marco Polo

Arriva Udine

SAF cambia denominazione in Arriva Udine

One Company

Arriva Italia incorpora SAVDA, SADEM, SAB, SIA e KM e diventa il vero e proprio operatore d’esercizio al posto delle aziende controllate

Arriva has long placed Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of the policies and processes that guide the company’s operations and development.

A group such as Arriva, which every day provides an essential service to millions of people throughout Europe, has a duty to develop its activities taking into consideration not only the quality of the service provided and customer care, but also the social and environmental impact that its activities generate and the effects these have on local communities.

For Arriva this means first and foremost working to limit the impact of its activities on the environment as much as possible, guaranteeing safe workplaces for employees, offering passengers reliable and quality means on which to travel by presenting itself as an active social actor in the territories in which it operates.

Arriva Italia has a corporate policy that provides:

– Excellent Service – offering high quality passenger transport services
– Strategic Partnership – collaborating with public entities to implement innovative and sustainable solutions
– Continuous Improvement – applying the standards of the Quality Safety Environment IMS with a view to continuous improvement
– Driving the Future – taking a leadership role in developing future innovations
– Growing Together – enhancing the value of our male and female employees




  • Amministratore Delegato: Angelo Costa
  • CFO: Paolo Girino
  • Direttore Operations: Roberto Salerno
  • Direttore Risorse Umane: Pietro Brunetti
  • Engineering Director: Flavio Balsi
  • Legal Director: Silvia Di Stefano

Consiglio di amministrazione:

  • Presidente: Luigi Roth
  • Amministratore delegato: Angelo Costa
  • Consigliere: Pietro Brunetti
  • Consigliere: Aniello Semplice
  • Consigliere: Paolo Girino

Collegio sindacale:

  • Presidente: Alessandro Pampuri
  • Sindaco: Matteo Moretti
  • Sindaco: Franco Maurizio Lagro
  • Sindaco supplente: Emanuela Rollino
  • Sindaco supplente: Carlo Ciardiello