Accessibility - Arriva Italia
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A digital platform truly inclusive and accessible for everyone

Accessiway offers full accessibility to everyone

Arriva Italia has chosen Accessiway, a fully automatic solution powered by Artificial Intelligence that guarantees full accessibility to the digital platform.

The AccessiWay interface allows each visitor to personally adapt the design and UI of the website to their individual needs or disabilities, without changing it for all other visitors to the site.

Accessiway allows you to optimize sites for different categories of disabilities such as low vision, color blindness, attention deficit and epilepsy.

To access the Accessiway features, when you browse our site, look for the button with the international accessibility logo!

Discover more about AccessiWay

Accessiway’s artificial intelligence application is responsible for resolving 70% of the technical requirements required by law.

The AI scans and analyzes the Arriva Italia website through a process of “contextual understanding” that learns the purpose and function of each individual element before correcting it.

Thanks to AccessiWay and the technologies used, the Arriva Italia digital platform is fully accessible for all people with visual, motor and cognitive disabilities and is fully compliant with online accessibility regulations.