Partnership SNAM - Arriva Italia - Arriva Italia
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Arriva Italia and Snam4Mobility together to start a sustainable mobility development plan on the national territory

Snam4Mobility, the Snam company active in sustainable mobility, and Arriva Italia, one of the main local public transport operators in Italy, have signed an agreement to launch a sustainable mobility development plan on the national territory, starting with local transport.

The first phase of the collaboration will be applied in Brescia, Lombardy, with the opening of a CNG (compressed natural gas) refueling station for buses in the Arriva Italia depot of the city. The distribution plant will supply up to 105 vehicles, all used for suburban transport in the city of Brescia and its province. To date, the Arriva Italia fleet in Brescia consists of 416 buses, 14 of which are powered by compressed natural gas.

Arriva plans a gradual update of the fleet by moving towards Buses with BIO CNG / CNG power supplies, currently considered the only alternative with a low environmental impact. This fleet modernization plan will partly exploit public funds aimed at renewing the LPT fleets. The partnership, which starts from a first project in the city of Brescia, aims to create CNG / LNG and H2 refueling infrastructures at the service of the “green” fleets of Arriva Italia in Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Lombardy and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. In the coming months, the two players will be involved in planning further interventions, in particular for H2 mobility.

The station, which will come into operation in the first half of 2023, is the first built by Snam4Mobility for a private transport company in Italy. Connected to the Snam network, the plant will initially supply CNG (compressed natural gas) and will be equipped with high-performance Cubogas compressors and storage, to meet Arriva Italia’s fast refueling needs, in order to guarantee service levels. according to industry standards (Cubogas is the 100% subsidiary of Snam4Mobility, leader in the design and manufacture of compression solutions for CNG / BIO CNG / H2). Subsequently, the station will also make it possible to supply biomethane, a green fuel essential for sustainable mobility and for reducing emissions in the medium / long-haul light and heavy transport sector.

Through the Ministerial Decree 315 of 2.08.2021, € 600,000,000 are allocated for the renewal of the public transport fleets and for the construction of supply infrastructures to support them. Due to the type of public service provided by Arriva, mainly on medium extra-urban distances, vehicles powered by BIO CNG / LNG today represent the only zero-impact alternative to polluting vehicles powered by diesel.