SAB: Luca Delbarba is the new CEO - Arriva Italia
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SAB: Luca Delbarba is the new CEO

Arriva Italia, the company that controls SAB, has started a process of reorganization of its presence in Italy with the creation of new Departments related to business development and innovation. The reorganization also involved the presence on the territories with a rationalization of the positions in the operating companies. Valentina Astori has been appointed Head of the North West Area and therefore SAB, a company of the Arriva Group which manages the local public transport services in the province of Bergamo and Lecco, has a new CEO: Luca Delbarba.

With 16 million passengers transported every year, over 15.5 million buses / km operated, 440 vehicles and 440 employees, SAB is one of the main operators in the provinces of Bergamo and Lecco.

Part of the Arriva Group since Arriva’s acquisition of the SAB Group, Luca Delbarba has held the position of CEO and President of several Group companies: SIA and SAIA in Brescia in the early 2000s, then SAB from 2009 to 2013 and finally CEO and President of SAL Lecco until 2015. Reference figure within Arriva Italia, today Luca Delbarba is also CEO of ARRIVA VENETO.

Luca Delbarba, in addition to being appointed Chief Executive Officer of SAB, maintains his position as Chief Executive Officer of SIA and Arriva Veneto.

It is a welcome return for me in SAB – declares Luca Delbarbaand I will do my best to carry on the growth work started by Valentina Astori, which of course I thank for what has been done. The Arriva Group is carrying out a renewal and development plan that will involve all the provinces in which it is present, aiming at the qualitative and quantitative improvement of local public transport. Bergamo is among the cities we are aiming for“.

Valentina Astori takes on the role of CEO of SADEM and SAVDA and Vice President of SAB.

Angelo Costa, CEO of Arriva Italia, takes over the SAB chairmanship.