Arriva launches Ideas Engine - Arriva Italia
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Arriva Group launches Ideas Engine, a new internal portal to empower innovation

Arriva’s strategy has innovation at its heart – it is one of the core pillars that supports our ambition to be the leading passenger transport company in Europe. We have a long history of providing innovative and sustainable public transport solutions, working alongside our passenger transport authorities and client bodies throughout Europe.

Over the years, Arriva has delivered some great innovation, but now it’s time to harness the power of our Group by launching a new framework for innovation that our whole organisation can tap into. We’ve called this The Ideas Engine because we want it to power the way we approach innovation. The Ideas Engine is our first group-wide innovation scheme: it is supported by having great conversations at all levels and will ultimately drive culture of innovation across Arriva, and will allow all Arriva people to share their ideas, take innovation to the next level, and make Arriva even better.

We know that the best ideas can come when we least expect them, so by providing a framework for all colleagues to submit their ideas, we can allow great ideas to flourish. Arriva will fund pilot schemes to develop business cases and we will share ideas across all our markets so that we can learn from each other. Next year we plan to launch the Ideas Engine externally so that we can work with the best minds outside of Arriva and find ways to collaborate on great ideas and bring them to life.

Steve Scott, Arriva’s Group Head of Innovation, said: “We have a long history of innovation, with some great examples of ideas that have driven fantastic results. Through the Ideas Engine and our new framework, we want to take innovation to the next level. Ideas Engine is about providing everybody with the opportunity to have their ideas listened to, whether big or small, we would love to hear about them. Generating ideas leads to innovation and we want innovation to be part of our every day. Sometimes we have the best ideas when we least expect them!”

Steve continued: “We know that some of our best ideas often come when we experience problems or pain-points, and often these will be realised on the front line, so this is an opportunity for everyone at Arriva, wherever you work and whatever you do, to contribute to Arriva’s success and help us to make great ideas a reality.”