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Sustainability and green mobility

A trip as safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly as possible: this is what we are committed to offer to our passengers every day.

Through proficient partnerships with important partners such as SNAM, Enel X and Iveco, Arriva Italia has been able to implement high-level green mobility solutions, to offer a better travel experience to its passengers and reduce its environmental impact.

Arriva Italia introduces 6 new electric buses in Cremona

The new electric buses will operate urban services

On friday May 12, in the City Hall of Cremona, Arriva Italia presented 6 new BYD electric buses that will be deployed on the E, G and H lines of the urban service.

Through the inclusion of these zero-emission electric vehicles, the entire fleet deployed on Cremona’s urban service will be gradually replaced, eliminating all diesel (Euro2 to Euro6) and CNG vehicles. The goal is to have a fully electrified urban fleet by 2026 with a total of 32 vehicles.

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Electric vehicles – Cremona

Arriva Italia introduced 11 electric buses for the urban service in Cremona in 2023. The project is to introduce an urban fleet of electric buses only – for a total of 32 vehicles – by 2026, powered by an innovative electrical distribution and infrastructure depot facility built by Enel X.

Green airport bus – Malpensa

Green Airport Bus is a free service that transports passengers between the two terminals of Malpensa airport, and the various car parks as well.
The service is carried out by two electric buses, and is completely zero-emission.

Electric buses – Udine

Arrives Udine put into service 3 new electric city buses, for the new Circular City Center line. The vehicles, distinguished by a special livery that makes them instantly recognizable, were unveiled Dec. 20 in Udine’s Piazza della Libertà.

Biomethane buses – Chioggia

Arriva Veneto has introduced 7 new buses powered by biomethane, among the first in the Veneto region to carry out the extra-urban service powered by this type of fuel.

Arriva Italia introduces 20 new CNG buses in Brescia

The new buses powered by compressed natural gas will operate interurban services

20 new methane-fueled (CNG, compressed natural gas) IVECO BUS CROSSWAY 12 intercity buses entered service for the interurban transport in the province of Brescia in March 2023.

Work is also underway on a CNG refueling station for buses at the Brescia depot, built by Greenture, with work to be completed in early 2024.

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New, innovative projects for a greener tomorrow

From new vehicles powered by eco-friendly fuels to initiatives to reduce waste: our commitment to sustainability goes beyond travel
6 new electric buses in Cremona


5 more vehicles will be introduced in the next months. Emissions will be equal to zero.
20 new CNG buses in Brescia


Arriva Italia introduces 20 new natural gas buses for interurban services in Brescia
5 new buses in Udine


Udine is the first Italian city to introduce natural gas vehicles in its suburban circuit
20 e-buses for Rome


The new vehicles implemented in the fleet dedicated to school transportation of the more than 1,000 pupils with disabilities

Sustainable mobility in Europe

The initiatives of the Arriva Group for green transport in Europe and the United Kingdom

Among the pioneers of sustainability and green mobility, Arriva has become the leading electric vehicle operator in Denmark and the second largest in the Netherlands, where the Group has also introduced 10 hydrogen buses, as well as operating 350 shared bicycles in the Netherlands and in Slovakia.

Our commitment to a greener planet

The Arriva Group has introduced itws Zero Emission Institute, which will be led by a team of fleet planning experts, to accelerate its journey towards zero emissions in collaboration with local authorities and institutions.
Zero Emission Institute was established to support Arriva’s vision to help shape a future where passenger transportation is the best choice.
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Electric vehicles

  • In England, Arriva invested £ 21m in green vehicles in Merseyside, including 12 electric buses, and an additional 60 will be introduced in Milton
  • Public transport in the town of Trutnov, in Czech Republic, is entirely carried out by electric or CNG vehicles

Other types of fuels

  • In the north of England Arriva UK tested 9 compressed natural gas vehicles
  • Arriva Netherlands introduced 10 hydrogen vehicles into its fleet, among the first in the country

Bike sharing

  • Arriva manages the bike sharing service in the city of Nitra, Slovakia, for a total of 70 bicycles available
  • Arriva Netherlands operates bike sharing services in several locations, including Limburg, Groningen and Friesland