Biomethane buses in Veneto - Arriva Italia
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Arriva Veneto presents new vehicles alimented by biomethane

The 7 Iveco Crossway will allow a 90% decrease in CO2

Chioggia, 27 AprilArriva Veneto – subsidiary of Arriva Italia and operator of the extra-urban local public transport services by road between the cities of Chioggia and Venice – today presented in Chioggia the new 7 biomethane-powered buses that will start operating in the coming days on the line 85 for Marco Polo airport, on the line 80 to Venice Piazzale Roma and on the line 87 as well.

These are the first biomethane buses in the Veneto Region for such service.

The presentation event occurred in Campo Cannoni in Sottomarina. Angelo Costa, President of Arriva Veneto and Managing Director of Arriva Italia, Carlo Ascente, Operations Director Arriva Veneto, Mauro Armelao, Mayor of the Municipality of Chioggia and Tiziano Dotti, IVECO BUS Italy Market Public Sales Manager were all present.

The event was also attended by some classes from the Valli di Chioggia Middle School, so about thirty students were able to learn more about biomethane due to the preparation of an entire bus with educational material.

“Local public transport and sustainability are two concepts very close one to the other these days – says Angelo Costa President of Arriva Veneto and Managing Director of Arriva Italia – After the introduction of electric buses in the urban system of Cremona, the introduction of 5 new buses powered by natural gas for the extra-urban services in Udine and the project that Arriva Italia started with Snam starting from Brescia, where a CNG refueling station will be opened, supplying up to 105 vehicles, now it’s up to Chioggia. Another step of a bigger operation of renewal of our fleets focused on decarbonisation”.

The new vehicles that will enter service, 7 IVECO Crossway Line 12m fueled by natural gas, have been financed 90% by the Veneto Region and the remainder by Arriva Veneto.

CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles are recognized both at European and local level as a valid solution for the ecological renewal of fleets and for usage in areas with low polluting emissions.

Biomethane, a product in which the Veneto Region is one of the main players, allows an overall reduction in CO2 emissions that can range from 80% up to 180% (compared to traditional fuels), when using renewable gas generated by urban waste and livestock waste, since in this process the methane that should be released into the atmosphere is captured and converted.

Biomethane therefore allows not only to cancel CO2 emissions, but also allows the gas to be intercepted before its dispersion into the atmosphere and, therefore, to effectively reduce the greenhouse effect.

The German energy agency, DENA, has estimated that the emissions of a vehicle powered by 100% biomethane are equal to those produced by an electric vehicle powered by 100% wind energy.

“The introduction of these new vehicles is another important step for the city of Chioggia, an essential choice to look to the future of the city itself, where sustainable mobility is central. Each biomethane vehicle will avoid the emission of 150 tons of CO2 in one year.

As Arriva we are happy to carry out this project because being always focused on green mobility, we contribute to the enhancement of the tourist vocation of the area” says Paolo Girino, CEO of Arriva Veneto.

During the ceremony, Tiziano Dotti, IVECO BUS Italy Market Public Sales Manager, said: “The new Crossways powered by natural gas and biomethane active in the Veneto region are something we at IVECO BUS are proud of, who are honored to deliver our means to Arriva, a historic partner with whom to move towards the decarbonisation of transport. In fact, thanks to a mature and available technology such as natural gas, enormous advantages are obtained from an environmental point of view, thus contributing to the protection of the planet and of those who inhabit it. With the Crossway fueled by compressed natural gas and with the use of a resource that offers a well-to-wheel circular economy cycle such as biomethane, IVECO BUS puts the right vehicle into circulation for sustainable interurban transport”.

The 7 natural gas Crossways, with Cursor 9 CNG engine of 360 hp and 1,640 Nm, passenger capacity up to 52 seats and 14 standing seats and large luggage compartments of about 6m3, guarantee a high range of over 600 km with a total capacity of the CNG tanks of 1,260 liters, optimal for most long distance routes. The buses also feature an innovative concept, integrating CNG tanks on the roof for a height equal to that of a diesel vehicle with air conditioning. In addition, thanks to the low center of gravity, the vehicles offer excellent stability on the road.